‘Think About It’- The Internet and Social Media

How did the Internet cause a communication revolution? Due to the growth of the World Wide Web, browsers and search engines like Google has made the Internet accessible to billions of people across the globe. Content producers can update information quickly, without having to reprint materials, viewers can ask questions about products or services and … More ‘Think About It’- The Internet and Social Media


Explain: I chose this advertisement, because the hover board is the hottest product on the market right now. There are celebrities endorsing various Hoverboard’s. Regular everyday people are buying Hoverboard’s and making videos of them falling off the board causing a lot of attention. Technique: Transfer Why I chose this technique: I chose this technique … More Propaganda

“What Would You Do?”-Critical Blog Assignment

Sunshine Cafe—Plan for Success Campaign plan for Sunshine Café: The plan is to create brand awareness among college students and increase walk-in business at the local stores in college towns. We want to promote and advertise the coffee houses to college students on campuses and in the local stores and increase sales. Our proposal is … More “What Would You Do?”-Critical Blog Assignment