Attending the PRSA Summit 2017

On Tuesday, April 18th at 8 am, myself and three other girls decided to embark on a journey we would never forget. Our next destination was Birmingham, Alabama to attend the PRSA Summit. Neither one of us knew if the conference was going to be beneficial, if it was going to be boring or a thing we would have to do every year.


We decided to drive to Birmingham, AL from North Carolina, which included a little bit of carpool karaoke and a lot of laughing. We arrived at our hotel Quality Inn & Suites in Birmingham, checked in and laid down to rest before going to dinner. Later on that evening we went to a diner and later on to the pool to relax.


Day one of the conference, we arrived at Regions Field for an 11:30 Leadership luncheon, where we quickly became the center of attention. We were standing in line and everyone was trying to figure out who we were and why we were there. During the luncheon we were asked to introduce ourselves and from that point on we became the hottest sensation at the conference. The 2017 National Chair, Jane Dvorak, APR, announced our presence to the entire conference attendees and made us move seats so that we were not sitting next to each other.

Our first day there, we connected with a lot of people who all gave us their business cards and offered to answer any questions we had. Everyone was helpful and knowledgeable about the current trends happening in the PR world today. We also found out throughout the conference that some of the stuff we are learning in class are not being used in the professional world anymore, while some stuff that is being used we know nothing about.


The PRSA Alabama Committee put together an awesome conference, not one time was I ever hungry and no one their should have been hungry either. On check-in day we received a huge bag filled with goodies from those in the Alabama area that sponsored our conference.

The speakers who attended the sessions were extremely knowledgeable with updating everyone on the next trend or what’s happening within their company. There was only one speaker whom I did not care too much to hear, which was probably because I expected them to speak more about Healthcare PR.


Overall, I feel that the conference was something more people should take into consideration. I also, feel that more people should attend conferences within their field so that they are updated with the current trends and so that they know other things that aren’t being taught in the classroom. Also, by attending conferences it will help individuals network and be more prepared for graduation, due to having a bit of knowledge with what professors feel they can offer students, and what career professionals can offer students. Think about it this way as Jane Dvorak told us four ladies, “you are investing in yourself.”



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