Critical Blog Post #3 – Ivory Ella

Ivory Ella
An Ivory Ella phone case and T-shirt.

Ivory Ella Blog

This blog is about an interview Ivory Ella has with Nestle. Ivory Ella was founded by five college students and a high school teacher, who decided to create an innovative startup company about ‘Good Clothes For A Good Cause’. John, Jacob, Esma, Ryan, Rich and Matt; all came together to make this business happen and to save some Elephants. The company’s goal is to work hard to end poaching and save the remaining elephant population on Earth. Ivory Ella gives 10% of their net profit to Save the Elephants and to date, Ivory Ella has donated $415,000, according to their website. Ivory Ella not only sells cute T-shirts, but other products as well.

I feel that this company is an example of public relations, because the company thrives through social media and getting their name out there. The company advertises their new designs and styles on social media in an effort to get their consumers to like their products and eventually buy them. The founders of the company came together with a vision to save elephants, while knowing that it would be challenging to do. These founders took a risk and so far have proven that the risk was well worth it. In order for this company to be successful and help save elephants, they have to utilize social media well and come up with designs that will draw attention to their audience. Although in their case, they had someone with communications experience to help guide them in a good direction.


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