Critical Blog Post #2-Sevenly

Sevenly Founders


This article is about Sevenly, which is a nonprofit organization that gives to a different charity every week. The idea of their clothing line is that a new line of shirts goes up for sale for seven days and they donate seven dollars for each shirt sold by the end of that seven days. Aaron Chavez and Dale Partridge are the founders of Sevenly. Sevenly hosts a weekly campaign that contributes to one different charity each week.


I feel that this article is an example of public relations because they post a new campaign for a different set of shirts for a whole week in hopes that people will like them and buy them. Their most successful campaign earned $22,855 for Autism speaks. Each week consumers have to buy a new set of items in order for a different charity to be helped; that is a lot of pressure on a company to actually have some sort of funds to donate to a company by the end of seven days. Their marketing strategy and outreach has to be sufficient each week in order to be beneficial, if not the company will fail those charities who need funding.


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