PR Casebook: Racing Sausages Win Fans’ Hearts


Racing Sausages at Sparta Middle School

  1. How, if at all, does your school use costumed mascots for public relations purposes?

No, at Lenoir-Rhyne University we do not use costumed mascots for public relations purposes at our college games. Although, we do have a costumed LR boy and girl bear that students can volunteer to dress up as for a specific game season.

My freshman year however, we had both the girl and boy bear mascots out on the football field during games. They did dances with the Sugar Bears, our dance team, and with the cheerleading squad. Now there is no mascot that appears at our college games, because no one volunteers to do so and the costume is extremely hot and it weighs a lot too. It is very rare to see the LR boy bear on the field/court.


2. What publics do sports public relations practitioners’ target?

I feel that baseball, basketball and football are highly viewed shows that people watch on a regular basis and generally those are the three sports that people tend to see mascots at. With that being said, these sports are meant for the family so the possible public could be somewhere in the age range of 5 on up. I chose five year olds to start with, because they are the one’s going to be excited to see huge characters running around the field and they are going to beg their parents to get a picture.

I chose adults due to the fact that in the book the Racing Sausages participate and organized a run/walk for charity, in which people of all ages came out and participated in. Also, in the book they talked about how people are supposed to text who is going to win the sausage race for that day. Now a day, everyone has a phone and can text, grandparents can text who will win the races if they have grandchildren due to the fact that it is something they will be interested in and by default they have to be interested in it too.


3. What are other ways the Brewers could use the sausage races to actively engage fans?

They could get the sausages to shoot free giveaways in the stands, they could also get the sausages to interact with fans in the crowd or they could recruit about 2-3 people out of the stadium to race alongside the sausages.


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