PR Casebook: Happiness Ambassadors Lead Convergent Media Campaign for Coke

Coke 206

1. Coke’s campaign relied heavily on social media and new technologies to bring people around the globe closer to each other. Was social media essential to achieve this goal or could it have been done without the techie trimmings?

Social media was essential to achieve Coke’s goal. The way social media was used in the campaign was in a fun way that got people to respond as to what they wanted to see the ambassadors do. Basically social media got people involved and excited to see what would be next.

I feel that the campaign could have been done without the techie trimmings, because what if people decided not to respond to the posts regarding what the ambassadors were to do. The PR company and Coke could have set up what the ambassadors could do, however it would have not been that fun and many people probably would not have been that interested in the campaign afterwards.

2. What is your response to closely associating a soft drink with the unity of humanity, happiness, and love? Is it a fun and creative marketing PR metaphor or an exploitation of timeless values to sell fizzy sugar water?

I feel that it is good to associate a soft drink with humanity, happiness and love, because it is these things that brings people together. By associating these things together it makes the world come together and interact. Coke associated humanity by gathering a team of ambassadors together average everyday teens, happiness by them being able to post images of their wild adventures and love by them sharing with the world their experiences.

I felt that it is a fun, creative way to market a particular PR campaign, due to the fact that they got the world involved in their journey. Many people were able to view coke in a different way, by participating in the campaign. It also probably gave the viewers the idea that maybe next year three more lucky people will have the opportunity to travel all of these places and be an ambassador for Coke.



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