Product Placement

Smurfs Product Placement

1. Smurfs and M&M’s.

The Walking dead Product Placement

2. The Walking Dead and the various Hyundai cars.

TED Product Placement

3. TED and the Bud Light can.

4. Finding Carter and the Macy’s bag (29:23-29:40).

5. Due Date and the French Market coffee can throughout the movie (1:36).

Nike Air Mag Product Placement

6. Back to the Future 3 and the Nike Air Mag’s releasing Spring 2016.

John Tucker Must Die Product Placement

7. John Tucker and the Apple Computer.

Talledega Nights Product Placement

8. Talladega Nights with KFC and Coca Cola.

9. ATL and Waffle House.

Starbucks Product Placement

10. The Devil Wears Prada and Starbucks.


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