Getting Blood from a Stone

Superhero kid

Our first objective needs to be what type of communication tactics we will put out to draw more people in to donating blood. Next we need to look at what areas would be the best place to put up various advertisements to attract student attention and possibly host various events.

Our audience is primarily college students, however by the blood drive being a community event some people of the community may be interested in donating blood as well.

Red Cross

First order of business should be to make a poster in a highly populated area, such as a dining area due to the fact that everyone has to eat so traffic will be heavier in those areas were people walking by will see the poster and take note of the community blood drive. Possibly reach out to the marketing department to get the community blood drive posted on the schools various social media sites. Place copied advertisements emphasizing about the free juice and cookies and how one will feel like a hero after giving blood. Some community blood drives offer free t-shirts to those that donate blood, make sure that is posted on the advertisements as well if that blood drive offers that option.

Television Raffle

For those in the community who want to donate blood, get two plastic banners stating that there will be a blood drive on this date and it’s open to the community. Place the banners in highly trafficked areas were cars tend to pass a lot. Also, leading up to the week of the community blood drive have a table set up on campus, that talks about the benefits of donating blood and possibly raffle off two flat screen TV’s to draw more attention to the table with all the proceeds going towards the Red Cross along with 10% percent of the proceeds going towards the school to possibly have another successful blood drive event. However, the catch to the raffle is that you have to give blood to participate in the raffle. Those who try to give blood, but aren’t able to should still get the opportunity to participate in the raffle after being evaluated by one of the Red Cross members as not being physically able to give blood. We have a budget of $2,000 but possibly $1,200 will be used to host this event.

**The raffling of the two televisions could be an epic fail, however base the need to go and buy the televisions on how many people show up to the tables and ask for more information on how to sign up to give blood. **

measuring success

When measuring the amount of success that the blood drive could have would be to look at how many people signed up to donate blood and how many people came to the tables and asked for more information. On the day of the blood drive, there could be a hashtag “I just gave blood at (Schools initials)” post going around where people can tweet or post pictures on their various social media sites saying that they gave blood.

**Although taking note with using the social media hashtag, some random people could tweet or post it just because they think it is cool so we would have to be mindful of that.**

Lastly getting a head count of how many pints of blood was donated could generate whether the event was a success or fail; along with a count of how many people entered into the raffle drawing for the television.


One thought on “Getting Blood from a Stone

  1. Amber, I liked how you really enforced the blood drive by all your advertising and really getting the word out there. I feel like the with your plan , people really would consider donating blood and saving lives. I also liked how your raffle ling off tickets. I think that is a great idea because it can attract more people to donate blood. You also have a catch to it which is winning a flat screen TV. So you really dug deep into your plan with adding a lot of benefits for donating blood. Another thing is you looked out for the people who are donating blood by giving out t-shirts , juice, and cookies. So, i like how you are looking at both sides of them donating blood, and also the affect of it. I really think you have a very effective plan, and with your plan I think more people will donate blood and save people’s lives.


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